mercutiodreams asked: I literally downloaded season 3 of 24 *just* to watch bby!Quinto, and yes, he's kind of a dick. I'd want to kick him in the 'nads if I knew him irl. >w>

XD inorite. and yet somehow I love him. so much. and have written so much fic in which he gets repeatedly beaten up by Sylar, because I find odd pleasure in making Adam cry, possibly precisely because he’s kind of a dick and needs that shaking up. also fighting with Sasan, who gets regularly affronted by him because Adam occasionally makes passive-aggressive homophobic remarks when he’s mad, but secretly he cares a lot for Sas & Smudge, and vice versa.

and maybe he just needs a hug.

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mercutiodreams asked: I discovered this blog last night while googling Adam Kaufman pics (because baby!Quinto <333) and it was the best discovery ever. Bless the fuck out of this blog. <3

Thank you so much! :D I am pleased that you are pleased.


…he’s kind of a jerk and if he really existed I’d probably hate him and he’d probably hate me, so I’m happy that he’s fictional because that way I can continue thinking that he’s awesome. yes.

I RP him on LiveJournal and make his life a living hell. because it’s fun. Somewhere along the way I started madly shipping him with Elle Bishop. He also ended up at Aperture Laboratories with Smudge and Sasan and Peter Sullivan and Sylar, the latter of whom is a very uncooperative test subject and really does not deserve any cake.

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Anonymous asked: Y U No Oliver Thredson? :'3

I haven’t watched the show because the few gifs and stuff I saw freaked me out. >_> I have… issues around sex-related horror because personal reasons. But the best way to counter this is obviously to mercilessly poke fun at him (it worked for Sylar! I have no idea how I was ever scared of him, because now when I see his face I just want to point and laugh), plus I’m doped up for the next few months on meds with unexpected anti-anxiety effects; so I’m feeling invincible, have been happily devouring lots of Stephen King, and there’s definitely a possibility of Thredson popping up sometime if I ever find a suitable text. :)

I’ve read the synopsis of AHS S2 so I have some idea of what texts might fit. Although I admit this blog of late has largely been about Peter Sullivan’s terrible workplace behaviours, Spock’s unresolved sexual tension with his gold-shirted captain and Sylar’s insatiable need to eat all the things - for the latter of which I thank textsfromprimatech and their {#sylar is a pig} tag. I’m sorry. Unless you enjoy it, in which case I am not sorry at all.

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